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what the fuck is up with people banging their fists on the table to emphasize their laughter? as if the loud guffaw that is completely forced and unnecessary is not bad enough. shut the fuck up and stop banging on my goddamned fucking table! asshat!

nothing negative to say, so i’m just here to check in, as it were.  life is pretty good right now.  a little tired from not sleeping through the night last night, but not bad.  i can catch a nap later after i have lunch. :D

the feeling of needing to talk to somebody but not knowing who you can trust with what you are going through.  it is like that for me today.  i might be over reacting but i doubt it.  the way i feel and the way my dreams have been, this is real.

do not come over to hang out and then do nothing but take up space on the loveseat and be lame.  it is not our job to entertain you, nor do i give a shit if you have to be up early.  or that you got up at 530 this morning. that was your choice.

just another day

i only use this tumblr to vent the bad stuff.  nothing really positive goes here, just so you know.  not everyday or everybody is perfect and i get tired of pretending on those bad days.  each day has its challenges so i put those challenges here.  i usually feel better after venting here and i move on to whatever else needs to be done.  hoping to do some writing later.

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